Stil. Magazine Interview: GRACIE OTTO

Here’s an excerpt from our Gracie Otto Cover Feature:

“The one time I remember dad coming to school was when I was doing a piece by Steven Berkhoff called East. I played this girl called Sylv from east end London who talks a lot about being a ‘fellah’ and has sex with lots of different people. I wanted to perform this amazing monologue in which the character climaxes on stage. My teacher said there was no way in hell I was doing it and next thing you know Dad is stomping down the corridors to the head of the drama department. “My daughter is doing this piece!” I remember I would be rehearsing with him at home and he’d be showing me how to orgasm on stage. I was worried if the neighbours were watching as I knew they would be really freaked out…”

To read the rest of the interview purchase your own copy of the debut issue of STIL. magazine…


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