Contributor Showcase: STYLIST JAMES DYKES


STYLIST JAMES DYKES - Courtesy The Style Tyrant -

STYLIST JAMES DYKES - Courtesy The Style Tyrant -

Sydney stylist James Dykes provided the wardrobe for the menswear story shot by Thom Kerr in the debut issue of Stil. Magazine. Let’s talk shop with the talented lad!

  • Stil) What got you into styling?
  • I kinda fell into styling. Friends of mine were photographers and creative types. I never really understood what a stylist did until I started working and then it kinda happened organically.
  • Stil) What mags have you worked with?
  • Stil. magazine of course, Oyster, Frankie, Men’s Style Singapore, M2 , Academy For Men, Yen, Monster and Midget, POP, Page 9, Collection magazine.
  • Stil) What inspires you?
  • I am inspired by so many things. Other stylist’s and photographers work, Karl Templer, Steven Klein, Nicola Formichetti, Sonny Groo. SHOWstudio, old movies, magazines, art galleries, old post cards, EVERYTHING !!!!
  • Stil) Best style advice?
  • Probably my mother saying “What are you wearing??!!” It made me think outside the box and try new things, just to piss her off a little i guess 😉
  • Stil) Where do you shop?
  • Generally I buy from designers I work with or shop around Paddington (Sydney). Labels I wear include Kirrily Johnston, Zambesi, Burberry, YSL, Friedrich Gray, Fernando Frisoni, – love me some drape.




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