Motohiko Hasui shoots Raquel Zimmermann for Numero

Congratulations to Stil. Magazine contributor Motohiko Hasui who just shot the amazing Raquel Zimmermann for the front cover of Japanese Numero.

Stil) What was it like working with Raquel Zimmermann?
M) It was fun. She was such a nice person and truly a professional.

Stil) Who is inspiring you at the moment photographically?
M) Bruce Weber.

Stil) Where else can we spot more of your upcoming work?
M) Numero Tokyo, Vogue Nippon, Nylon Japan, and Dazed & Confused.

We have a stunning spread in our launch issue that Moto shot which we will preview shortly… stay tuned to the blog!


About Stil.

Art. Fashion. Whatever. Stil. magazine is an internationally distributed glossy fashion title made in Australia. Our content is provided by our amazing creative team based all around the world! We love you! Our goal is to provide readers with timeless photographic content that continues to be relevant no matter what the trend. It's our intention to develop this blog into an online forum to set up a voice for the Stil. community as well as keeping you up to date with what's rocking our world!
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